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Strategic Goal

  1. To provide underwriting services and policy issuance for the customers efficiently and effectively.
  2. settle the claims effectively and efficiently while considering the interest of the company
  3. To play active role for the development of a reinsurance market in the country, in order to save the sizeable foreign exchange that has been drawing out from the country in the form of reinsurance premium and increase the inter-companies cooperative concept towards reinsurance in order to maximize the cash flow in the form of reinsurance premium within the country.
  4. To maintain the old customers and other relevant clients with marketing mix of product, place, price and promotion so as to satisfy their needs and capture new insurance business by identifying new zones/districts for which are presently disregarded by others.
  5. To develop and enhance the capacity of human resources of NIC for implementing the strategies and tasks effectively
  6. To develop and use modern information and communication technology for cost effective management/administrative systems and procedures to deliver prompt services internally and externally
  7. To maintain and develop financial health of the company through effective financial systems and internal control mechanisms
  8. To conduct research activities to find out the needs of the market including to know the image of the company in the insurance sector
  9. To make effective investment to safeguard the interests of management, stakeholders, consumers and the society at large
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